Cool Vid: Paddling the Gwaii Haanas with a Really Nice Couple

Stumbled on this reality travel video created by Doi Nomazi (Travelo Therapy) about a husband and wife sea kayak trip in the Gwaii Haanas islands (formerly the Queen Charlottes) in British Columbia. Thing is, they seem like a really, really nice couple. They may remind you of people you know…. Watch when you’re in the mood for a little virtual travel but don’t need the adrenaline rush of oh, say, Les Stroud’s Survivorman, or Bear Grylls’ Man vs. Wild or The Island.

Did I mention they’re nice?

Good Read… by Me!: “Aaron Paulson in Tokyo/Toronto” in The New Idealist Magazine

It’s Friday night/Saturday morning, and hipsters in knit caps skid home from the bars artisinal craft beer pubs along Dundas Street West.

“Whatcha taking pictures of bro?”

This magical, fantastical nightmare before Christmas.

Anniversary-Issue-Cover-Image-213x300England’s The New Idealist magazine have published in their first anniversary, “Doomsday Edition”, a dispatch from me  about the extreme winter weather in Tokyo and Toronto this year.  Check it out on page 9. Check out the other articles, too, of course. But check page 9…

The New Idealist magazine is online and downloadable for free at