Toronto Photo Drift: Summer 2014

Toronto Cityscape
Toronto Cityscape

A month(!) of photo walks in Toronto.

Amazing how quickly we can slip into a routine. Every day I’d wake early and leave the place I stayed in Davenport Village, before 7 am, to enjoy the last gasps of night’s cool air before the day got all hotted up by the sun. I followed familiar songlines along Davenport, Along Dupont, down streets I used to live on (Salem Avenue), until I arrived at the Starbucks at Christie and Dupont (my new favourite for decor, and for opening at 6 am!) for the first rest stop of the day. Then I would continue on to The Annex for breakfast, then to the reference Library at Bloor and Yonge to do a little prep for the new school year or some writing/research, or just to eavesdrop on the ESL students studying or just killing time between classes. The Starbucks at Bloor and Yonge, just past the Tim Hortons out the library doors, counts as my second-favourite coffee shop hangout this trip.

Not much going on in T.O. this summer to grab my attention, other than the Francis Bacon/Henry Moore exhibition at the AGO, so when I wasn’t with family and friends I’d spend the day at the Library, or browsing Indigo and MEC, trucking around downtown, or sitting on a patio (Paupers; Second Cup).

A great first few weeks! Then off to Kingston, and day trips to Frontenac provincial Park.

After I returned to T.O. and picked up R. at Pearson, we switched things up a little. Left Davenport Village for Chinatown. Spent our time — when not with family and friends, or at Niagara Falls — tripping around Chinatown (saw Rob Ford looking bestial_, Kensington and St. Lawrence Markets. The Beaches. The islands. Different vibe, different kind of great trip!

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