Adventures on The Bruce Peninsula, Georgian Bay Ontario

A triptych of essays set in — or on the road to — Ontario’s “sweetwater sea”


Part One: Day-Tripping Flowerpot Island, the Bruce Trail, The Grotto, and Overhanging Point on southern Ontario’s Bruce Peninsula

The Bruce Peninsula in southern Ontario separates the cooler waters of Georgian Bay from the rest of Lake Huron’s “sweetwater sea,” and makes of the Bay an unofficial, sixth Great Lake. It’s the kind of iconic Canadian landscape that drove artists such as Arthur Lismer and the other Group of Seven painters wild.

The rugged, 100-kilometre finger of pine-studded shale and limestone, set amidst the granite and precambrian rock of Shield country, points northward from the rolling hills of southwest Ontario’s farm country, all head-high corn and sulphur-bright canola, through Boreal Shield country and towns with names like Kapuskaping. North north north, to Moosonee and the wetland plains of Hudson Bay and, somewhere way up there, the beluga-backed Arctic Ocean…

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Toronto Kills Me: Summer 2017


Candid travel photographs in the cold and the rain from my – ongoing – summer trip to Toronto, Ontario, a.k.a. (among others) CondoToronto – and rightfully so! Toronto often gets knocked for being an ersatz city, lacking any real sense of place. That “There is no there there,” as Gertrude Stein once said of Oakland. In this photo essay I go looking for T.O.’s genius loci – and find it there, among the historic brick buildings and glass-and-steel skyscrapers.

“Suggested Writer” on


Cool beans! Not exactly sure how to take this – ‘though the expression “with a grain of salt” jumps to mind – but apparently I have earned “suggested writer” status in the Travel section on

I’m genuinely flattered, and it makes me want to sit down and write more essays and stories and publish them online, though to be honest I’m not sure what, exactly, it means to be a suggested writer. Is it a decision made by a cabal of wise gnomes at, or is it some less-personal, more automated process, an algorithmic accretion of views/reads/recommends?

In either case, I’ll put aside the salt for a moment, as well as the self-deprecating humour, and take the credit gracefully and gratefully.

Meantime, please check out my presence on, including the self publications Big Sushi, Little Fishes 2.0, about my adventures in Japan, and Exit Booted 2.0,, in Toronto and the rest of the world.

Georgian Bay Sea Kayak Odyssey 2006

A week with Outward Bound

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Montreal 2006 Photo Drift

Check out this and my other galleries at 500px!

Berg Lake Trail Pics on Instagram!

Pics now on Instagram!


Someone has created an app to allow uploads to Instagram from Lightoom! Thanks, someone! I’ve inaugurated my Instagram account with an ongoing selection of the very best pictures from my recent backpacking trip on the Berg Lake Trail in Mount Robson Provincial Park. Drop on by for a gander @

Toronto Photo Gallery on 500Px

Toronto, Summer 2007

New City Hall
New City Hall

I continue to re-build my Lightroom Library of images after an epic fail when I upgraded my Mac operating system to El Capitan… Oh well: gives me a chance to sort through, edit, and upload from the 25,000+ images on my hard drive 🙂

I’ve also resurrected my photo gallery at 500PX. Currently, I’m adding pictures Toronto pictures from 2007, including some photos of the old Port, UofT and the Annex area, Cherry Beach, and so on.