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Nice Pics: Winter in T.O. 2013

My first Toronto winter in fifteen years!

Extreme Weather: Ice Storm 2013! (So It Goes…)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The ice storm has ended in Toronto, but the aftermath continues.  Fortunately, the strong winds some were forecasting didn’t materialize. Not so fortunatrly, enough freezing rain fell and turned to ice that the city is close to a state of emergency: the TTC has been disrupted, and streetcars have been stuck in place, literally, all day as their power lines are coated in ice. 250,000 homes are without power, and they’re predicting it’ll take ’til Christmas to get everyone back on the grid. Large branches and whole trees are down around the city, especially in woody areas such as The Annex, as in the picture posted above that I took today on Walmer just north of Bloor. Not pictured: the great tangle of power lines the tree brought down with it.

So, the city is down but not out. Mayor Rob Ford (yes, that Rob Ford) has so far not declared a state of emergency. And Torontonians are tough. But a cold spell’s a’comin, and things could get worse before they get better…