Cool Video: Mars Flyover

From, an article and embedded video from Mars Express — of the European Space Agency– of an awesome flyover of Mars’ surface. 3D feel! Reminds me of the IMAX film of the Grand Canyon from back in the 80s. Except it… is… freaking… Mars…

Thanks to Ted Chew for the head’s up.

Mars Curiosity Rover: On the… Road (?) Again

Man, talk about off the beaten path… the Mars Curiosity rover has been making its way — very, very slowly — towards its destination. Mount Sharp since it first landed on Mars on August 6th, 2012. In fact, according to NASA’s website Mars Curiosity Rover Tracker, the little rover that could has now covered one and three-quarters mile since touching down. The site is worth checking for some startling panoramas of the Red Planet – which suddenly doesn’t look so red. What it does look is… kinda familiar?