Iceland: Emotional Landscapes


I have visited Iceland twice now, in late spring two years ago and again this year at the height of summer. I blogged before, during, and after my travels, including such random trip planning resources as inspirational music videos and good reading. Now Im work on a landscape photo essay about this summer’s trip. Meantime, check out my trip reoprts and travel resources at Iceland: Emotional Landscapes


Iceland Bound March 2015: Inspiration and Resources

Inspiration and Resources


“Why do you always research the backstory, never the practical details?” R., my wife and travel companion, asks when I show her my latest finds: a documentary about strongmen in Iceland, say, or a catalogue page from the website of Iceland’s homegrown outdoor gear brand (links to both included below).

How else to appreciate the spirit of place, the Genius loci, “the unique, distinctive and cherished aspects of a place; the invisible weave of culture” and “the tangible physical aspects?” I think.

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